Local Brands

The Authentic Firehose Pet Toys are made from real recycled fire hose and is locally made by a  fireman from Perry, Ohio. 

Gracie's Doggie Delights is owned by an enterprising yound woman with down syndrom. Gracie is learning many invaluable skills and is very excited about her business. Gracie is in charge of packaging and labeling and puts alot of love and effort into each order. The treats are freeze dried in the USA using USDA inspected meat and no additives. They are treats dogs love and you'll love giving. 

Growlers mission is to serve individuals with disabilities through vocational training, employment, and volunteerism. Locally owned in Columbus, Ohio. The original recipe is spent grains, peanut butter that they grind, farm eggs from plain city, and brown rice flour. They also offer a wheat free version. Each individual takes greats pride in making and packaging the product and we are proud to have them on our shelf.

Odd Dog Bakery is owned and operated in Mentor on The Lake by David Sacks. Who started making Treats for his own dog Lucy when she developed some digestive issues. Odd Dog Bakery is proud to offer HANDMADE treats in FUN and DELICIOUS flavors that dogs LOVE to eat and their people love to give to them! The handmade treats are made in small batches with limited ingredients.